Investigative Due Diligence

Seek out an information advantage.

Forward Risk’s investigative due diligence offering provides clients with value-driven research underpinned by meaningful insights into both risk and opportunity.

We reject reliance on rote check-the-box compliance formulas in favor of applying hard-won analytical skills to each engagement within its specific context.

We believe in providing a client with not only facts, but a true understanding of individuals and entities of interest.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Promptly identifying potential deal breakers, conflicts of interest, undisclosed relationships or transactions, and other adverse matters from which a deal or partnership may need to be insulated.
  • Recognizing inefficiencies, misalignments, or gaps in the prospective investment’s human capital, strategy, and operations.
  • Vetting executive hires via a nuanced portrait of an individual, their character, management and communication style, and performance record within past professional settings.
  • Conducting comprehensive public records research on perspective companies and management, by strategically mining the public domain, traditional and social media, litigation, debtor instruments, assets, and regulatory information.
  • Seeking out independent source interviews with former employees, customers, vendors, and other associates for invaluable insight into a target’s performance, reputation, corporate culture, operational infrastructure, human capital, and internal controls.
  • Engaging in regular communication to provide a transparent explanation of the limitations in the public record and any biases affecting source inquiries to best strategize how to creatively overcome these hurdles while providing actionable intelligence of the highest standards.

Forward Risk combines quality research, strategic insights, and the ability to position ourselves as true advisory partners to our clients.

We tailor our work on each engagement to suit the unique needs of the customer, and are constantly evolving to fill information gaps wherever necessary.