Shareholder Activism & Corporate Contests

Hone and execute your shareholder and stakeholder engagement strategy.

A high-stakes corporate contest requires a much deeper review than typical surface-level checks. The talent, tenacity, and thoroughness of Forward Risk’s shareholder activism specialists will ensure that you are properly equipped for battle.

Whether vetting prospective board nominees, investigating incumbents, or examining the performance record of the other side, our team of seasoned investigators commits time and expertise at the beginning of each engagement in concert with clients to design focused, ethical investigations that position our clients for success.


How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Reviewing the performance track record of companies where a target has served as an executive or board member.
  • Mapping relationships that could compromise a director’s independence or otherwise pose a conflict of interest.
  • Assessing a target’s reputation among investors, including signs of shareholder discontent and previous proxy challenges.
  • Analyzing whether securities transactions may have been timed on the basis of non-public information.
  • Uncovering any history of personal misconduct, harassment, or discrimination.
  • Identifying impeaching information on a target or their immediate family, including reviews of legal records and social media activity.
  • Executing deep dive public records research to trace assets and find indications of financial distress or malfeasance.
  • Verifying credentials to uncover fraudulent claims.

Forward Risk combines industry savvy, tenacity, and accessibility. Our clients call us because we know the stakes, and we do not put our pencils down until we ensure that they are equipped for a successful engagement.

Our commitment is to do our homework, ask the right questions, and collaborate to design and execute a research and engagement strategy that will resonate with the key stakeholders – whether they are shareholders, management, employees, or the communities where our clients live and work.