Litigation Support

Developing a Winning Litigation Strategy

Forward Risk knows that meeting the demands of time-sensitive litigation and arbitration matters requires flexibility, creativity, and experience. There is no one-size-fits-all solution – clients need a partner that can respond rapidly to changing requirements, deadlines and objectives, and support a winning strategy.

An Experienced Team

Our litigation support practice is underpinned by our sophisticated research and investigative capabilities. Engagements are staffed by a team of professionals with backgrounds in law and other relevant disciplines — including experienced Certified Fraud Examiners — and a track record of successfully handling complex matters.

We work closely with in-house and outside counsel to deliver the information needed to prevail by:

  • Locating, retrieving, and analyzing information to illuminate adversaries’ reputation and background
  • Tracing assets prior to litigation and in aid of post-judgment collections
  • Identifying impeaching information on adversaries and their witnesses
  • Performing defensive due diligence on clients, assets, and witnesses
  • Investigating and verifying credentials of expert witnesses
  • Investigating undisclosed links between subjects, witnesses, and assets, and mapping and presenting these in industry-leading formats
  • Deploying, as appropriate, on-the-ground resources where public records are insufficient

Select Engagements

Social Media Investigation: Corroborate whether a brand’s social media following was genuine and as valuable as it was purported to be.

Bankruptcy Litigation Support: Assist a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding to prepare for interrogatories by examining whether the subject, an independent director of the debtor company, had a history of self-interested decisions or of acting too favorably toward company insiders.

Contact a Partner

To find out more about how Forward Risk can help you, please contact Luke DiMaggio.