Private Equity Due Diligence

Pre-Investment and Executive Hire Vetting

A more sophisticated diligence partner for firms seeking an information advantage

Forward Risk’s professionals adopt a value-based research approach to equip deal teams and operating partners with meaningful insights into investment opportunities, key management, and executive hires. Going beyond the check-the-box compliance exercise, Forward Risk’s competitive edge is our analysis – our ability to identify levers of opportunity and growth, in additional to situation-relevant risks, based on each engagement’s unique context and investment thesis.

Our Objective:

Improve deal terms by promptly identifying potential deal breakers, conflicts of interest, undisclosed relationships, and other adverse matters from which the deal may need to be insulated.

Identifying opportunities by recognizing inefficiencies, misalignments, or gaps in the prospective investment’s human capital, strategy, and operations.

Thoroughly vet hires by presenting a nuanced portrait of an individual, their character, management and communication style, and performance record within past professional settings.

Our Process:

Comprehensive public records research on perspective companies and management, by strategically mining the public domain, traditional and social media, litigation, debtor instruments, assets, and regulatory information. We never put arbitrary limits on coverage or how deep we go into the universe of publicly available information.

Independent source interviews with former employees, customers, vendors, and other associates for invaluable insight into a target’s performance, reputation, corporate culture, operational infrastructure, human capital, and internal controls.

Communicate with the client to provide a transparent explanation of the limitations in the public record and any biases affecting source interviews to best strategize how to creatively overcome these hurdles and still provide the requested insight.

Our Advantage:

We strategically examine all available information, both within the public record and independent references, with the goal of presenting a clear, concise profile of a company and its management to better inform our clients’ assessments about the merits and risks of each opportunity.

We position ourselves as partners by designing research engagements alongside our clients, working within their guidance to deliver information that is relevant to their investment thesis, their concerns, and the unique context in which they seek to achieve their objectives.

We deliver quality with focused and thoughtful research, handing the needle to our client without all of the hay. An experienced hand at the wheel, we have seen the issues, we recognize the patterns, and we know where the information gaps exist and how to fill them in.

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