Political Vetting and Opposition Research

For political campaigns, PACs, advocacy groups, law firms, and other clients

Forward Risk undertakes vetting of candidates and opposition research for political campaigns, political action committees, advocacy groups, law firms, and other clients.

Our research includes thorough examination of:

  • news and social media in both open sources and proprietary databases
  • civil and criminal litigation records
  • business and regulatory filings; property records
  • professional affiliations and licenses
  • support for or opposition to causes and organizations
  • campaign finance filings
  • statements and comments on matters of public interest
  • voting records.

We also undertake discreet human source inquiries and/or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests when appropriate, with a view to uncovering pertinent primary source materials.

In-Depth Research Illustrated with Context

We dig deeply and tenaciously, utilizing an exhaustive research methodology, including searches of former names, name variations, and aliases. In addition to identifying vulnerabilities associated with prospective candidates, nominees and incumbents, we contextualize them and illuminate their relevance in a clear and concise fashion.

We offer an experienced Washington-based team with a range of backgrounds. Prior to joining Forward Risk, our researchers worked for the Democratic National Committee, investigations and due diligence firms, law firms, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and media outlets.

Most have degrees in political science, public policy, or international affairs, and understand the nuances and complexities of the political climate at the local and national levels. We also offer a highly competitive and flexible fee structure.

Contact a Partner

To find out more about how Forward Risk can help you, please contact Krystal L. Ramirez.