Risk Advisory

Mitigate Risk, Maximize Reward

Forward Risk provides bespoke risk assessments and advice to help clients enter new markets and business relationships, identify opportunities and threats, and navigate challenging and changing environments. The goal is to mitigate risk and maximize reward.

Risk Identified, Analyzed and Explained

We offer research and analysis of political, economic, and regulatory environments and issues by country, market and industry. We aim to contextualize specific risks and explain their relevance to our clients clearly and concisely. Our risk advisory work complements our investigative due diligence on individuals and entities, giving clients the information and insight needed to make informed decisions.

Global Research Capabilities

We combine global research reach with analytical rigor, supported by in-house language capabilities, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

How We Research

Our research includes thorough examination of news and social media in both open sources and proprietary databases; civil and criminal litigation filings; regulatory and sanctions sources that include best-in-class global watchlists and databases; property records; and other relevant public records in English and local languages.

We dig deeply and tenaciously, and exercise a high level of care when it comes to former names, name variations, and aliases, and filtering false positive results. In addition to identifying risks associated with individuals and entities, we contextualize them and illuminate their relevance in a clear and concise fashion.

We Provide Assessments on:

  • Market entry
  • Vetting potential partners
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Political risk
  • Legal and regulatory issues

Select Engagements

Market Entry – Payments Processing: Provide a US payments processing company interested in entering a new market with a more comprehensive understanding of the local regulatory and political environment, as well as the associated political and commercial risks.

Iran Sanctions: Provide a client with a detailed overview of the impact of US sanctions on Iran vis-a-vis Chinese companies, focusing specifically on exemptions and waivers, and the process by which companies might be able to obtain these.

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