Market Entry

Set yourself up for success.

Forward Risk aids clients seeking market entry opportunities by scoping out unfamiliar, often highly complex regulatory and political environments.

With a staff that marries traditional investigative know-how with subject matter expertise in international affairs and regional area studies, we are uniquely equipped to build our clients a roadmap to market entry in challenging and complex jurisdictions all over the world.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Conducting a thorough examination of news and social media in both open sources and proprietary databases in order to assess the contextual landscape of a potential investment or business relationship.
  • Reviewing regulatory and sanctions sources that include best-in-class global watchlists and databases, property records, and other relevant public records in English and local languages.
  • Where available, conducting searches of civil and criminal litigation filings to develop background on possible stakeholders.
  • Leveraging our suite of in-house foreign language business proficiency, including: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Although market entry into unfamiliar jurisdictions can be a daunting process, Forward Risk equips our clients with the confidence to navigate it with confidence and an in-depth understanding of the cultural, political, and regulatory factors at play.