Investor Due Diligence

Forward Risk’s due diligence expertise equips its investor clients with actionable intelligence on both risk and opportunity.

Private equity firms, venture capital, family offices, hedge funds, as well as outsourced chief investment officer firms and investment consultants entrust us with high stakes matters such as M&A transactions, IPO and SPAC deals, and pre-investment background checks.

We also provide support on sensitive investigations, including pre-transaction and pre-partnership due diligence, vetting executive hires, and conducting investigative research on behalf of activist investors.

To deliver the most comprehensive and accessible service possible, Forward Risk leverages the full range of its toolkit, including both extensive public records review and independent source interviews, to ensure that clients are equipped with a nuanced and carefully contextualized understanding of the subject matter at hand.

Our customized reporting ensures that our research is tailored to fit specific business needs, allowing Forward Risk to serve as a trusted and active partner to our clients.

How We Assist