Investigations & Disputes

Clients across multiple sectors turn to the seasoned investigative team at Forward Risk to provide them with independent, actionable intelligence in aid of shareholder activism, litigation support, and targeted investigations into adversarial parties. Our multidisciplinary team – which includes former lawyers and law enforcement; experienced financial professionals; experts from the intelligence community; political advisors; and investigative journalists – applies an intimate understanding of rapidly changing norms in an increasingly complex business landscape.

We tackle the particular sensitivities and challenges of investigations and disputes – including governance concerns, undisclosed relationships, litigation strategies such as expert witness vetting, and instances of corporate or individual malfeasance – with the rigor, finesse, and creativity to support our clients’ goals, from either side of the table.

Our clients trust us for our hands-on, sophisticated investigative approach that entails not only comprehensive research, but the curation of analytical narrative context that situates data points specifically within the unique circumstances of each engagement and strategy.

How We Assist