Strategic Intelligence

The strategic intelligence practice at Forward Risk supplements our due diligence offerings with a bird’s eye view of an increasingly complex global landscape.

Boasting a comprehensive understanding of political, economic, and regulatory environments, our strategic intelligence offerings help clients to mitigate risk and maximize reward by leveraging both our in-house talent and an extensive network of subject matter experts.

Drawing upon extensive experience in government affairs, and on political campaigns and committees, our savvy team of experts based out of our Washington D.C. headquarters is well-versed in specialties such as political vetting and opposition research.

This practice is further bolstered by global capabilities, carried out by a multilingual team of analysts with deep knowledge of major geographic regions.

We illuminate risks and opportunities specific to any given case within its greater geopolitical, historical, and economic context.

Our methods equip our clients not only with peace of mind regarding potential threats, but also the savvy to capitalize on market entry timing and stakeholder knowledge.

How We Assist