About Our Firm

Forward Risk is a corporate investigations, intelligence, and risk advisory firm headquartered in Washington, DC.

Our experienced and resourceful team conducts investigative due diligence, business intelligence research, risk assessments, candidate vetting, and other bespoke intelligence services for asset managers, private equity, law firms, multinational corporations, and political campaigns. No matter the engagement, our bespoke approach is value-oriented, and emphasizes results – through thorough research, sophisticated analysis, clear writing, and thoughtful presentation.

Forward Risk is a boutique, and is staffed by experienced professionals who have combined the sophistication of the industry with the personalization of service required to truly add value to the relationships we have with our clients. Our commitment is to excellence, ethical conduct, and responsiveness to the needs of our clients.

Our Story

In 2016, Forward Risk was established by three partners who worked together at a large due diligence and investigations company. Our goal was to become a premier investigations firm, set apart by our dedicated service and the merits of our work. We promised that Forward Risk would not be a check-the-box business, selling reports from a menu. Forward Risk would be an extension of our clients’ teams, offering customized services in lockstep with our clients’ own research and intelligence needs. Our promise was that we would be in the business of actionable intelligence.

Our first conversation was with a hedge fund, one of the largest in the country. Forward Risk kept its promise, and that hedge fund became our first client. Over the past four years, we have earned the opportunity to work with clients from across the investment and corporate landscape – public and private, law firms, and other financial institutions. We are grateful for these relationships, which are the bedrock of all that we do.

With our goal top-of-mind, we have built a team of investigators that share our commitment to our clients. We have expanded our office in Washington, DC four times and opened an office in New York. We are thrilled to grow and succeed with our team of talented analysts and investigators.

Each of our co-founders have a single dollar bill framed from our very first case, to remind ourselves of what it takes to earn our accomplishments and every relationship that we have had, whether with clients, our employees, or the people who support us. From our co-founders to our associates, Forward Risk remains committed to our founding promise – to be a committed partner for those who demand results.

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