Director of Research

Director of Research (International Business Intelligence)

Position Duties

Lead and direct U.S. and international investigative research.   Perform and lead complex investigative projects while advancing the firm’s business developments and sales objectives.  Develop, oversee, and manage the company’s full suite of business risk intelligence solutions. Advise financial institutions, corporations, multinationals, and law firms on regional and global challenges, risks, and opportunities. Provide risk and intelligence solutions to new clients, maintain client relationships with existing clients, and perform research and writing as needed. Identify pertinent information and sell risk intelligence solutions to clients. Track the progress and completion of cases and help maintain existing client relationships. Use a wide range of tools to conduct extensive primary and secondary research on individuals and companies in APAC countries. Conduct comprehensive domestic and multi-lingual public records research. Analyze and generate narrative reports to help clients understand the general background of a particular subject, assess the subject’s legitimacy and reputation, and inform strategic decision-making. Serve as advisor to clients in connection with their business of investing and trading in securities. Analyze investment plans, including any details relating to existence, nature, or size of the client’s current or perspective trade positions and investments in respect to any securities and business relationships.


Master’s degree in Law, International Studies, Foreign Service, Political Science, Research Analysis or related field. Two (2) years in qualitative research and analysis. International experience required performing DD/investigations services for clients in the US and overseas.

Work Location

Washington, DC