Investigation of Canadian Transportation Company Bribery Scandal


Forward Risk was tasked by an investment management firm with determining the extent to which an individual subject of interest had been involved in a bribery scandal regarding a transportation company in Canada.

Our Work

Our investigation involved a full review of available public records regarding the bribery scandal. Key to the success of our work was an eye for both detail and context. While potential ties between the subject and the scandal were of particular interest to the client, it was equally important to uncover and report specific details on the nature of those ties.

As such, we took particular care to discern hard facts from the general background noise of miscellaneous data, so as to provide our client with a competitive information advantage.


Results of the investigation revealed that the subject of interest had personally met with public officials who eventually pled guilty to accepting bribes. However, the subject themselves was never charged, a key piece of nuance.