Due Diligence Reveals CEO’s History of Sexual Misconduct and Fraud


Forward Risk was tasked by a client with conducting a background investigation on a public relations firm and its CEO for due diligence purposes.

Our Work

Our methodology consisted of open-source research, including a thorough review of public records, news, and social media. In particular, noteworthy information initially discovered over the course of the investigative process was confirmed and elaborated upon via careful cross-referencing across multiple sources.


Our research yielded several salient findings, key among which was that the CEO and chairman of the subject company had, during his tenure as an aide to multiple public officials in the late 80s, attempted to procure sex from a minor.

Furthermore, this individual was discovered to be involved in multiple instances of fraudulent activity, including forging correspondence with members of government, in order to support the agenda of his clients.

These findings equipped the client with crucial knowledge regarding reputational risk surrounding the subject, particularly since his behavior in both public and private had previously exposed other associates to unwanted investigations and reputational damage.