Newly Appointed Chief Compliance Officer Background Investigation Reveals Clean Record


Forward Risk was tasked by an investor client with digging into the background of a newly appointed chief compliance officer at a company where the client held a major position.

The purpose of the investigation was to illuminate any potentially risk-relevant history on the part of the compliance officer.

Our Work

One major point of interest over the course of this investigation was the subject’s past tenure at a company that had previously come under fire for alleged overseas violations of anti-corruption laws.

In response, Forward Risk engaged in an open-source deep dive that sought to determine the extent and nature of the subject’s involvement in these issues. In particular, our team triangulated a diverse array of sources both domestically and abroad in order to derive a complete picture of the situation at hand.


Forward Risk’s comprehensive review and successful triangulation of sources across multiple national jurisdictions unearthed official documentation of the subject’s key role in convincing senior executives to divest from risky assets and subsidiaries, and leadership on self-reporting efforts in the US.

As such, our findings highlighted the subject’s clean record and lack of personal complicity in potential corruption issues, providing our client general peace of mind.