Litigation Support Research Uncovers Former Public Official’s History of Corruption


A law firm representing the aggrieved parties in a reckless driving and DWI case engaged Forward Risk with a request to investigate the defendant, a former public official.

In addition to general background information and adverse findings, the client specifically sought information regarding the subject’s statements and actions as a public official.

The client expressed particular interest in public remarks and social media posts on the part of the subject regarding criminal justice, traffic safety, and other issues relevant to the DWI allegations, and other information that might paint the subject in a hypocritical light.

Our Work

The client originally approached Forward Risk due to our reputation for truly leaving no stone unturned in the course of conducting opposition research. In response, our team thoroughly combed through the existing record of open source information, including public records, available litigation, and news and social media.

We took particular care to ensure that we investigated the subject’s full history, so as to build the most detailed and well-contextualized narrative we could on behalf of our client.


Our team successfully uncovered several instances of corrupt behavior on the part of the subject, including multiple accusations of buying off other public officials. By contextualizing this multitude of incidents within a coherent narrative, we provided the client with ample support for their deposition.

According to the client, Forward Risk’s report was “incredibly helpful,” as the subject was caught noticeably off-guard while being deposed, which spoke to the overall value of the information and success of the client’s case.