Oppo Research Uncovers Abuse Allegations Against Congressional Candidate


Forward Risk was engaged by a congressional campaign to conduct opposition research on a candidate in a primary campaign for a high-profile district in Georgia known for having a controversial incumbent.

Our Work

Drawing upon the expertise of investigators with an extensive track record of work on political campaigns, our team conducted comprehensive open-source research encompassing public records, news sources, and social media. In particular, we focused our research on combing through litigation records that might further substantiate and contextualize rumors of domestic abuse.

We also filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in order to build a more complete picture of the candidate’s work as a military contractor, about which he had previously refused to go on the record.


Our investigation uncovered a previously unreported series of lawsuits regarding allegations of domestic abuse that occurred in the wake of the candidate’s contentious divorce and custody battle.

Forward Risk’s work successfully bolstered the campaign’s communications and messaging strategy; the client shared our research with a journalist who used the findings to get the candidate on the record regarding the allegations and his murky professional history.