Reputational Risks Revealed by Detailed Social Media Investigation


Forward Risk was tasked by on behalf of an individual, who was considering a minority-level investment, with verifying the legitimacy of a subject’s social media ties to a number of public figures.

Our Work

Our team engaged in an extensive review of media, Internet, and social media sources, including Instagram and Facebook, to develop a complete understanding of the subject’s public social media profile. This process focused not only on verifying social connection legitimacy, but also on scoping out the profile for general reputational issues.

The team categorized and analyzed thousands of social media posts in order to assess and present general trends and pinpoint potentially higher-risk content.


Ultimately, Forward Risk successfully verified that the subject’s social connections were genuine. However, during the course of the investigation, search parameters were expanded in order to ensure that additional potential risks were accounted for.

This resulted in the discovery of several potentially controversial “jokes” were also discovered in the subject’s social media history, which were highlighted and presented to the client in the context for potential reputational risk.