Forward Risk

Litigation Support

Litigation Support

When the stakes are high, you need a solution that is tailored to your time-sensitive needs. Forward Risk will work closely with your litigation team to deliver you the intelligence you need to prevail. Our creative approach to investigations, analysis, and asset tracing will help you to approach your litigation needs strategically and cost-effectively.

How We Can Help

By combining a creative investigative approach with our public records research expertise, we can help you prevail in litigation by:

  • Locating, retrieving, and analyzing information and intelligence on your adversaries’ reputation, relationships, and corporate and personal assets
  • Identifying impeaching information on your adversaries and their witnesses
  • Performing defensive due diligence on your clients, assets, and witnesses
  • Investigating and verifying the credentials of your expert witnesses
  • Executing deep public records research to trace assets globally
  • Identifying, investigating, and mapping undisclosed links between subjects, witnesses, and assets, presenting these links in industry-leading formats
  • Deploying, if necessary, on-the-ground investigators and sources where public records are insufficient