Political Vetting & Opposition Research

Know yourself, know your opponents. 

Forward Risk’s political vetting and opposition research practice is built on a backbone of comprehensive research methodology and investigative expertise.

We draw upon the collective professional savvy of our seasoned team based in Washington, DC – which boasts extensive links to political organizations in the heart of the nation’s capital, derived from experience working for political campaigns and committees, government agencies, and media outlets – to ensure that we deliver an in-depth portrait of candidates, nominees, and incumbents.

Our cutting-edge research has served as a proven asset to numerous political campaigns at all levels, from U.S. presidential elections to state and local races.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Examining news and social media in both open sources and proprietary databases.
  • Conducting searches of civil and criminal litigation records, business and regulatory filings, and property records, as well as professional affiliations and licenses.
  • Identifying indications of support for or opposition to specific causes and organizations.
  • Combing through campaign finance filings and voting records.
  • Researching and analyzing statements and comments on matters of public interest.

Effective political vetting and opposition research demands a unique understanding of the life cycle of campaigns, which is difficult to achieve without direct experience.

Fortunately, Forward Risk’s political vetting and opposition research practice is helmed by veterans of several Washington-area political strongholds including the Democratic National Committee.