Litigation & Arbitration Support

Develop winning legal strategies.

Forward Risk’s litigation and arbitration support practice thrives on the firm’s proven track record as an active and reliable partner to attorneys and other legal professionals.

Our investigative services have helped attorneys rebut their opponents’ legal arguments, discredit their witnesses, and change the narrative with newly revealed facts.

We pride ourselves not only on an intimate understanding of the time-sensitive, detail-oriented nature of litigation and arbitration, but a tested and demonstrated ability to adjust rapidly to the ever-changing requirements, deadlines, and objectives of actors in the legal sector.

As investigative specialists, Forward Risk’s team can handle labor-intensive research in a structured and efficient manner. By partnering with Forward Risk, legal teams are able to direct their energy and resources to other critical priorities.

How We Help

Developing impeaching information.

Forward Risk uses open-source investigative research and, as appropriate, human intelligence gathering to reveal potentially discrediting information about opposing parties, witnesses, and others.

Tracing assets.

Whether seeking to enforce a judgment, or determining if a suit is worth pursuing, attorneys rely on Forward Risk to build a profile of a target’s real estate holdings, vehicles, securities, and other assets, using available legal and ethical means.

Relationship mapping.

Equipped with findings from investigative research, we connect the dots using a careful, step-by-step approach toward uncovering links and associations that help advance attorneys’ legal strategies.

Defensive vetting.

Forward Risk helps attorneys anticipate and rebut lines of argument that opposing counsel may use in the course of litigation. Our research into parties and witnesses helps to uncover potential vulnerabilities and present them in a nuanced way.

Intellectual property (IP) investigations.

Through a variety of bespoke investigative services, Forward Risk conducts fact-finding operations related to allegations that a company’s patents or trademarks have been infringed.

Our Experience

Litigation Support Research Uncovers Former Public Official’s History of Corruption

At the request of a law firm representing aggrieved parties in a DWI case, Forward Risk investigated the defendant, a public official, and successfully uncovered a history of corrupt behavior.

The law firm described the findings as “incredibly helpful,” having confronted the defendant with this track record during a deposition.

Crafting a Defense Strategy against Insider Trading Allegations

Forward Risk was tasked with assisting a white-collar criminal defense attorney regarding insider trading suspicions against their client, a Middle Eastern businessman.

Using local-language research and a bespoke investigative strategy, we developed an argument that the investment transaction in question required no insider knowledge and was in line with prevailing market expectations. Client counsel was able to use these findings to craft an effective defense strategy, and no charges were ultimately filed.

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