Shareholder Activism & Corporate Contests

Hone and execute your shareholder and stakeholder engagement strategy.

When shareholders try to force a change in corporate strategy and replace members of a board of directors, the stakes are high for all parties involved. Reputational and financial consequences hang in the balance.

Seeking to control the narrative, incumbent leaders and dissident investors face off head-to-head in a public, contentious debate. The day is won by whoever offers the more compelling and better researched argument, bolstered by reliable and actionable intelligence.

Cultivating an edge over the opposing side – an informational advantage – can make all the difference. The talent, tenacity, and thoroughness of Forward Risk’s shareholder activism specialists will ensure that you are properly equipped for battle.

How We Help

Investigative public records, social media, and dark web research.

We trace assets, scour civil and criminal court filings, examine insider transaction filings, verify credentials, and uncover any history of fraud, misconduct, or financial distress.

Whether we are vetting prospective board nominees, investigating incumbents, or examining the performance record of the other side, our research positions clients for success.

Track record and reputation analysis.

We assess an individual’s career, their reputation among analysts and investors, their history of service as a board member and executive, and the performance of companies under their stewardship.

Relationship mapping.

We connect the dots to reveal conflicts of interest and scrutinize whether an individual’s purported independence should be called into question.

Building winning arguments.

We consult with clients throughout the project lifecycle to understand their perspectives and goals and to work in close alignment with their strategy.

Ethical practices.

We deliver information that can be used openly because it was obtained legally, honestly, and in accordance with industry standards and best practices.

Our Experience

Credibility Impeached in Successful Defense Against Activist Slate

Forward Risk, after being engaged to mount a defense against an activist slate, successfully uncovered discrediting information for nearly every one of the activist’s nominees, including failed business endeavors, conflicts of interest, and independence issues.

For example, several of the activist’s nominees had preexisting professional ties to each other and to the activist, calling into question whether they would act independently on behalf of all shareholders.

Misconduct Found for Incumbent Board Member

Our client was an activist investor seeking to replace several members of a public company’s board. Our searches of California local courts yielded accusations against an existing board member regarding gender-based harassment.

This information had not been previously reported in any media source. The board member in question has since “retired.” The activist investor was able to cut a deal with the company, placing two of its nominees on the board.

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