Activist Investors

Rule your influence.

Forward Risk boasts deep experience working with activist investors from both sides of the table. We have a proven track record of success both assisting shareholder activism campaigns and mounting effective defenses against activist slates.

As such, we understand that dealing with activist investors necessitates thorough and creative investigative depth that is rarely present in typical surface-level checks.

Forward Risk’s smart, seasoned shareholder activism specialists ensure that clients are always well-informed and well-equipped for battle.

Our advantage stems from a thorough and nuanced understanding of concerns and goals specific to activism issues, developed by our roles in both support and defense.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Initiating deep dives into proposed candidate slates.
  • Engaging in comprehensive reviews of public records relevant to shareholder activism campaigns, including property, litigation, and regulatory filings.
  • Triangulating traditional public records research with other sources such as social media, and a thorough review of current and archived news outlets.
  • Providing analysis of our findings in the greater context of the engagement at hand.

At Forward Risk, we recognize that the success or failure of activist investor campaigns often hinges on the quality of investigative due diligence work that occurs behind the curtain.

Whether working for or against an activist investor, clients can rest assured that our team.