Family Offices

Protect your assets.

Forward Risk’s investor due diligence staff boasts a rich history of supporting a diverse array of investment clients, and tailoring our services to individual need, while ensuring that costs remain reasonable.

As a result, we recognize the concerns typically specific to family offices.

Given the average family office’s comparatively small base of clientele and tendency to serve as a one-stop shop for services such as budgeting, tax concerns, and charity management to high-net-worth individuals, the Forward Risk team takes particular care with ensuring that these areas are protected from reputational and operational risk.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Improving deal terms by identifying potential conflicts of interest, undisclosed relationships, and other potential dealbreakers or adverse matters.
  • Identifying opportunities via careful examination of a prospective investment’s human capital, operations, and overarching business strategy.
  • Contextualizing findings within the broader scope of the environment in which the family office operates.

Forward Risk’s investor due diligence team brings significant experience to bear regarding funds of all types, and understands the sensitivities particular to family offices.

We partner closely with the client, acting as a seamless extension of their due diligence arm.