Investment Consultants and Outsourced CIOs

Maximize operational performance.

Forward Risk’s work with investment consultants and outsourced CIOs – or OCIOs – ensures that our clients are able to select the best managers available.

Boasting a client roster that includes some of the top institutional and private investors in the world, we identify not only traditional due diligence red flags – such as criminal records, civil litigation, and other stewardship issues – but also closely examine professional performance track records.

We understand that our clients are looking for the best management available, and recognize the importance of steering clear of a poor fit.

As such, our core focus is identifying operational and reputational matters that may impact an individual’s ability to effectively manage a fund, for better or worse.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Applying the collective subject matter expertise of investigators with specific experience and strong reputations in the OCIO space.
  • Leveraging open-source research to develop reports on subjects of interest that provide both traditional red flag coverage and thorough analysis of their professional backgrounds.
  • Effectively operationalizing ourselves as seamless extensions of their due diligence teams who can adapt to the specific working style and needs of their business.

Our OCIO practice is staffed experienced practitioners who have developed a strong reputation in this specific space over the course of several years.

As a result, we recognize viscerally the ways the fit, credentials, and performance of a potential manager can make or break the success of a fund, and work accordingly to help our clients staff their organizations with the best professional minds available.