Political Risk Analysis

Build a smarter business across borders.

Forward Risk’s political risk practice sets clients up for success at the forefront of a rapidly changing global business environment. While the international scale of modern business practices is rife with opportunities for reward, it also carries unprecedented risk.

At Forward Risk, we operate by a simple principle: helping our clients capitalize on the former while avoiding the latter.

We recognize the difficulty inherent in distilling the complexity of large-scale international events into the components most relevant to a specific entity or individual.

Our professionals – armed with multilingual research capabilities and subject matter expertise regarding major world regions – do the legwork for our clients, ensuring that our research is not only comprehensive but also easily digestible and tailored to answer a given client’s particular concerns.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Applying our in-house expertise on international relations, government affairs, and politics, drawn from both academic and professional credentials and experience across multiple world regions and market sectors.
  • Leveraging our extended professional network, which includes access to leading minds on global politics working directly in the nation’s capital, to ensure high-level insight into issues of interest.
  • Applying our deep knowledge of global politics to our existing foothold in commercial services, ensuring that corporate decision-makers receive the information most relevant to their business interests.
  • Marrying a broad base of geopolitical savvy with Forward Risk’s investigative methodology to ensure both breadth and depth of insight into areas of client interest.

At Forward Risk, we approach political risk through the lens of investigators well versed in the myriad intersections of business and global politics.

We understand the challenges inherent to the navigation of an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape, and task ourselves with serving as guides to our clients.