Competitive Intelligence

Find your competitive edge.

The hallmarks of competitive intelligence at Forward Risk are comprehensive research coverage, analytical rigor, and an impeccable ethical standard.

We understand that effective competitive intelligence necessitates not only finely-honed investigative instincts, but also an understanding of how to address a client’s unique business concerns.

Furthermore, in an age of corporate espionage, we recognize the importance of maintaining appropriate ethical standards without compromising the effectiveness of our intelligence.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Conducting an in-depth review of all publicly available corporate filings and other relevant public records, including litigation findings, as well as news and social media, in order to develop both comprehensive and actionable intelligence.
  • Ensuring that the client obtains both depth and breadth of knowledge by supplementing open-source research with proprietary database searches and, where appropriate, human intelligence derived from source inquiries.
  • Contextualizing findings within the parameters of the client’s specific business interests and concerns, ensuring that the reporting we deliver is driven fundamentally by information most valuable to the client.

Competitive intelligence, when effectively carried out and strategically applied, can be key to both seizing otherwise undetected opportunities and avoiding unseen risks.

We understand both sides of this equation, and have a proven track record of successfully helping our clients achieve their goals in a complex and rapidly evolving global marketplace.