Stakeholder Mapping

Chart a course to success.

 Forward Risk’s approach to stakeholder mapping ensures that clients develop an unparalleled understanding of key actors in potential business dealings, market entry attempts, and other high-stakes commercial activity.

Our stakeholder mapping process is highly detail-oriented, with previous work encompassing corporate bodies across multiple countries, key government bodies of relevance, and prominent figures involved.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Identifying key stakeholders in an engagement, and contextualizing their roles within broader economic, political, and regulatory environments.
  • Developing a comprehensive body of information regarding individual stakeholders with an eye toward their relationship to the engagement as a whole.
  • Examining potential connections between stakeholders and implications for the client.

Our detail-oriented stakeholder mapping arms our clients with a bird’s eye view of various entities involved in an engagement, accompanied by in-depth knowledge of individual actors and their specific roles.

In our previous work, this has allowed clients to successfully navigate high-stakes issues such as potential entry into markets in otherwise unfamiliar overseas locales.