Pension Funds

Protect a prosperous future.

Forward Risk has built an extensive body of work supporting investor clients in high-stakes engagements.

In particular, our experience developing comprehensive vetting set us up to help pension funds safeguard the integrity of their governing bodies while ensuring the value of the fund.

How We Assist

Our clients trust us to partner with them by:

  • Vetting governing body members not only for garden variety red flags such as criminal history or litigation issues, but for noteworthy issues in professional track records that could impact fund management.
  • Identifying regulatory and compliance matters relevant to the success of the fund.
  • Serving as active investigative advisors to the client’s existing due diligence team.

Forward Risk’s deep experience with vetting professional backgrounds, identifying key red flags, and comprehensively reporting on complex financial matters makes us the ideal partners for pension funds looking to protect their assets, operations, and reputations.