Forward Risk

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Objective: Gather intelligence regarding the veracity of rumors that a wealthy but reclusive businessman had been involved in bribery across Africa.

Results: Forward Risk found a previously unreported relationship between the Subject and a different individual who had pleaded guilty on bribery charges; the two had conducted a major property transaction in Miami. Research also found that an unnamed coconspirator mentioned in a separate indictment was in fact the Subject. The implication of the findings was that the allegations were far from mere rumors, and that bribery charges against the Subject himself could be forthcoming.

Value-add: Instead of simply reporting that the Subject was not charged or named in the indictment, Forward Risk carried out a relationship analysis and an examination of obliquely worded documents. This allowed the client to properly understand the level of risk that a potential business relationship with the Subject would entail.

Case Study 2

Objective: Corroborate whether a brand’s social media following was genuine and as valuable as it was purported to be.

Results: Forward Risk’s extensive review of media, Internet, and social media sources, including Instagram and Facebook, found that most of the brand’s social media followers were legitimate (not “bots”), and that purported ties to celebrities and social media influencers were genuine. However, several posts with potentially controversial jokes were found, several of which posed a reputational risk to our clients, given their relationship with the brand.

Value-add: A close-knit team discussed the client’s specific concerns in detail and developed an action plan that included categorizing and analyzing thousands of social media posts to assess trends and locate risky content and present it digestibly to our client.

Case Study 3

Objective: Develop further information about the professional histories and reputations of the top management of a crypto-currency company to determine the legitimacy of claims put forward by the company.

Results: While crypto-currency blogs and forums expressed that it was impossible to find anything about the managers’ backgrounds, their career histories could in fact be pieced together with clues gathered from German and Chinese public records and media, archived corporate websites, and social media posts. Human intelligence operations were conducted in Europe and East Asia to fill in any gaps and gather reputational commentary, revealing both positive and potentially risk-relevant findings not previously reported, including new details about pressure from regulators.

Value-add:  On a project that required multiple changes in direction as new findings were revealed,
Forward Risk’s flexible approach and frequent updates to the client were essential to ensuring that
work stayed on track and the necessary facts were uncovered in a timely fashion.